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Karma, In Color
March 12, 2011, 10:37 pm
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I have written, rewritten, and then written it again, but I have not been happy with any of my “return to blogging” blogs.  So instead of boring you with excuses explaining my absence, I have decided to begin with a series of posts, each with a picture of a student and a description of how they impacted my life.  I will begin with a student who needs no introduction, one who was both a terror and a joy, one I aptly named Karma.  In typical Chris form, this picture was taken at the last possible moment, in fact, I was afraid I would be unable to get it.  This picture was literally taken 10 minutes before I left my school, and Baoding for good, and just before the students would return home for their winter break.  So without further ado, here is…Karma.

The infamous Karma, looking the part well.

I took two pictures with him, but this is was the one I decided on.  I think it shows his attitude well.  In the end, I grew to adore Karma, and in fact, I looked forward to teaching his class.  He would often run to me in the hall between classes and say hello, and sometimes I would give him a tickle to see him smile.  I was sad to learn that Karma’s parents had proposed that the school keep him an extra week for break because he was such a handful at home and they did not want him.  Whether or not this comment intended as a joke or not, I do not know, but I was led to believe that the proposal was sincere.  And perhaps this simple comment is the root of why Karma acts out, I tend to think it is.  Karma is handful,  I will not deny that, but he is misunderstood and incredibly intelligent.  Years from now I will wonder about Karma and whether or not his potential was ever realized, if his attention was ever able to be focused.  But like so many “trouble students” who are misunderstood, I suspect I already know both the answer to that question as well as the question why Karma is the way he is.


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very nice blog

Comment by Mandy

I do not understand the last sentence~

Comment by Zuojun

Zuojun, the last sentence is stating that I believe I know the answer to the question of whether or not Karma’s attention was ever able to be focused and his full potential realized as well the answer the the question of why he behaves the way he does. Does that make sense?

Comment by cwray

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