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August 30, 2010, 5:29 am
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The long awaited, the long promised, the long hoped for blog!  Before I left I told a number of people I would be keeping a blog, so here it is.  Take it from the top.

First things first, this first blog is going out to my absolutely wonderful sister, Allyson Elizabeth Wray, for her incredible packing feat.  I managed to carry on all of my belongings for five months in a weekend pack, and a book bag.  Did all of my clothes desperately need ironing afterward?  Yes.  Did I leave anything behind that I wished I would have brought?  Only about 50 pounds of protein and half a cow, but as far as the necessities go, no.  By carrying on, I was able to do 2 things:  Firstly, I was able to achieve almost god-like status among fellow CIEE travelers, and secondly I was able to get free wine on the flight, but more on that later.

So first, I would like you all to picture what I looked like roaming the airport in what I would like to call my Pregnant Contraption (to be referred here on out as PC).  I call it this because I really looked like a pregnant man with pack on (And, to all of the women out there who have been pregnant, or will be in the future, I have much admiration for you after this experience).

Now onto the free wine!  So picture me with my PC on boarding the plane to Shanghai when I am stopped by the male (this will be important later) flight attendant and told to “bring my knapsack down”.  So my first thought is, “I don’t have a knapsack” and so I tell him this and I guess he is referring to my pack, so I have to carry it and my other book bag down a tiny airplane isle (about 80 pounds in all) in front of me; needless to say I am not too pleased with Mr. Knapsack based on my first encounter.  So any of you who have had the privilege of knowing me will know that the minute I sit down I am telling my seat partner (also a CIEE teacher) about Mr. Knapsack and how I do not like him.

Well time heals all wounds and Mr. Knapsack is coming down the aisle when I notice he is wearing an LED Las Vegas necklace.  I ask him if he has been to Vegas and he says he has and we start talking about poker and all is well.  **So let me insert a rant here, and say that I will not fly AA again internationally because they charge for beer and wine on their flights and that will not do!**  Ok, I’m done.  So I was planning on getting wine, but because of the aforementioned reason I did not order any, but no need to!  Why?  Because Mr. Knapsack apparently enjoyed our conversation so much that he sneaks my seatmate and I (I have to say “seatmate and I” now because I am an English teacher) each a bottle of wine!  As my mom would say “you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.”  Well I don’t know if it was my “being nice” more than my being a 6’2” stud, because later on I went back to the restroom and Mr. Knapsack asked to see my abs, but that would be after he rubbed my shaved head.  Sorry mom, but being good looking does more than honey.

I am not going to lie to my loyal following and say that this encounter so near the restroom was not the least bit awkward (and for those keeping score at home, I did NOT show him my abs) but hey, this man gave me free wine!  What is a man supposed to do?  You have to play the hand you’re dealt and that’s what I did and it got me two more bottles of wine!  Good hand, huh?

Well that is where I will leave things today, but do tune in tomorrow for my next installment: Orientation in Shanghai.  I am Chris Wray signing off; and that’s the way it was.  Good night folks.